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Osprey in Flight, Ding Darling Wildlife PreserveEastern Screech Owl CamouflageSleepy Eastern Screech OwlCape Coral Burrowing OwlBack Yard Red-Tailed HawkRed-Shouldered Hawk in FlightOsprey Water Take Off - Ding Darling Wildlife RefugeRed-Shouldered HawkOsprey Perched in Yellowstone National ParkAmerican KestrelAmerican Kestrel Take OffBlack Kite in FlightBlack Kite, IndiaNorthern Harrier HuntingGreat Horned Owl PortraitTurkey Vulture PortraitEastern Screech Owl, Red MorphRed Tailed Hawk ProfileGray Ghost Northern Harrier with a MealEagle & Osprey - Diving for Lost Fish

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nice series.. I have yet to get an image of a baldy.. thanks for sharing.
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