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Photos of the 2011 Sandhill Crane Migration at Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area in Indiana
Sandhill Crane Flying in the Evening Light5 in a Row, Sandhill Cranes in Flight at SunsetSandhill Cranes Flying in a Cloudy SunsetSandhill Crane - Wings SpreadSandill Crane Flock Take OffSandhill Crane in FlightSandhill Cranes in the Morning LightSandhill Crane in FlightSandhill Crane - Wing ExtendedSquawking Sandhill CraneSandhill Crane Formation at SunsetSandhill Cranes in Flight at SunsetSunset Full of Sandhill CranesSandhill Crane - One Wing OutSandhill Crane FlybySandhill Crane SunsetSandhill Cranes across the SunsetSandhill Cranes Synchronized FlightSandhill Crane PortraitSandhill Crane Dance

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Nice series.. some really nice BIF shots.
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