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The Mansfield Reformatory was build in 1886 and closed in 1984. It was the setting for the film Shawshank Redemption. Other movies and TV shows were also filmed at the reformatory.
Mansfield Reformatory CellMansfield Reformatory Cell 18Mansfield Reformatory Legal ServicesMansfield Reformatory East Cell BlockMansfield Reformatory - DecayMansfield Reformatory - Red ChairMansfield Reformatory HospitalMansfield Reformatory GatesMansfield Reformatory - Electrical BoxMansfield Reformatory - East Cell BlockMansfield Reformatory - SolitaryMansfield Reformatory - ChapelMansfield Reformatory - Looking OutThe Exit - Mansfield ReformatoryEast Cell Block, Mansfield ReformatoryPrison Wall - Colors and TexturesMansfield Reformatory - Front EntranceThe Red Phone in the Warden's OfficeMansfield Reformatory - Old ChairMansfield Reformatory - Old Chair

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