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Great Blue Heron Spears a CatfishGreat Blue Heron with a Frog LunchReddish Egret Fishing ReflectionReddish Egret Fishing #1Reddish Egret Catching a MorselReddish Egret Fishing #2Reddish Egret Tossing a Morsel of FoodSplashing Cormorant #4Splashing Cormorant #3Splashing Cormorant #1Splashing Cormorant #2Splashing Cormorant #5Common Moorhen, Big Cypress PreserveFishing Wood StorkLittle Blue Heron on the HuntSnowy Egret ReflectionWood Stork PortraitWood Stork in FlightWhite-crowned Night Heron ReflectionRoseate Spoonbill Flapping its Wings

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