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Yellowstone National Park is a magical place. It offers visitors a unique combination of landscapes, wildlife viewing, and an abundance of geothermal activity including geysers. Visit my blog for more information on travel to Yellowstone.
Grizzly, Yellowstone National ParkElk Grazing in the Morning LightYellowstone, Steam Rising in Black Sand BasinCinnamon Black Bear Cub Climbing a TreeBighorn Sheep Lambs Calling to Each OtherMule Deer FawnStormy Yellowstone LakeBoiling Mud, YellowstoneYellowstone - Twin Lakes on a Snowy June MorningUinta Ground Squirrel Mom Carrying Her BabyBig Horn Sheep Stare DownYellowstone, Bison CalfGrumpy CoyoteCoyote with a VoleArtist Paint Pots, Geothermal EruptionUinta Ground Squirrels on Lookout DutyMule Deer Doe in the SnowUinta Ground Squirrel Keeping WatchUinta Ground Squirrel Mom Carries Her Baby to SafetyYellow-Bellied Marmot

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Guestbook for Yellowstone
Dear Martin,
surfing the web for photos of Yellowstone Park I came to your website. Gratulation, you have really good photos from Yellowstone and other places!
My wife and me visited Yellowstone 1983 and I have two photos from the Mammoth Hot Spring area: and (old film photos)
which I suppose show the "New Highland Terrace".
I need help to conform this fact. Do you have (old) photos from New Highland Terrace or know somebody who can help me?
I browsed through Google Picture Search and
but could not find a confirmation.

Please Excuse my disturbance and bad English

Greetings from Austria/ Europe

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