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Members of the Wapiti Lake Pack on a Bison CarcassBald Eagle Take OffCoyote on a Bison CarcassGray Wolf Chasing a Coyote off a Bison CarcassGray Wolf, Guarding the Bison CarcassGray Wolf Chasing a Coyote Out of his TerritoryStare Down, Bald Eagle and Raven on a Bison CarcassPronghorn Buck Taking a Rest, YellowstoneCoyote Curled up in the SnowBig Horn Sheep Ram Foraging in the Snow, YellowstoneBull Elk in the SnowCoyote Crossing the River, YellowstoneSnowy BisonCoyote Hunting in the SnowBison Running in the SnowRed Fox with a VoleBull Moose without Antlers in the SnowThree Rams on a Rock

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